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Silverlight Beta 2 and Lack of WatermarkedTextBox

Maybe someone can help me troubleshoot this.  I started to follow Scott Guthrie's 8-part series on getting started with Silverlight but hit kind of a wall.  His example used a WatermarkedTextBox which I was unable to add.  I took some horrible screenshots to show how I went about trying to add to my form.

You can clearly see that this is in my Visual Studio 2008 Toolbox.

step 1

Now a horrible attempt to convey dragging and dropping onto my form.  When I typed it out in the designer as Scott did it doesn't work either.  This was my second option as I am usually not a fan of wizard dropping.

step 2

When I drop at that spot I am greeted with this gem:

step 3

Any takers?  I ended up creating my own watermarked-textbox by writing some C# code to handle some of the regular-textbox events.  I'd ultimately like to use these snazzy new features since I figure that's why they are there in the first place :D

I'm having issues with the StackPanel as well when creating a template for a ListBox. It's the same FORMATETC structure deal :(

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Why Hello There Silverlight!

Silverlight is bad ass! I didn't bother with version 1 because I was under the impression that it was highly premature (aka kludgy).  Coding in C# was more appealing than a bunch of JavaScript.  Anyway, so I downloaded and installed the latest and within minutes I was able to create an application that loaded dynamic data from various interweb API's.  The UI was even kind of decent ;)

One thing doesn't seem right.  In downloading and installing the latest version (which meant uninstalling the previous version) all the examples written prior to this new version don't work anymore.  I get taken to the "Install Silverlight" landing page and see the following:

The site that you visited was built for an earlier, beta version of Silverlight - not the current one. Please contact the site owner to let them know that they must upgrade to the latest release of Silverlight 2. Let us know if the site is not updated shortly so we can try to assist in upgrading the site to the latest Silverlight technology.

Hmmm.  That's kind of scary.  It makes it sound like you are s-o-l if you develop an extensive application with silverlight 2 and all of a sudden a new version is released.  It also sounds as if Microsoft might strong-arm you to upgrade your application quickly!

Silverlight Install Screenshot

I see myself spending a decent amount of time sandboxing and learning the ins and outs of this newer technology.  I was so impressed that I even added a new Silverlight category :D

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